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Ibn e battuta 468 hailed from a family of legal scholars in tangier, morocco and set out on his journey all alone at the ripe age of. The formal title of his book is a gift to those who contemplate the wonders of cities and the marvels of traveling, though pretty much everybody calls it the travels or the travels of ibn battuta. The long journey of ibnu battuta travelling to mogadishu city in 31. Dunns 1986 retelling of these tales, however, was the first work of. But much to the chagrin of feverishly googling world history students, in the latin alphabet his name has never been spelled the same way twice.

The result was an eyeopening recitation from a learned man who participated in. Take a side trip to read about ibn battuta s comments on torture. Ibn battuta, medieval muslim traveler and author of one of the most famous travel books. Later in alexandria, while staying with sheik almurshidi, ibn battuta had a. In alexandria, ibn battuta spent three days as a guest of a locally venerated sufi ascetic by the name of burhan aldin the lame. A thcentury book illustration produced in baghdad by alwasiti showing a group of pilgrims on a hajj. He is considered one of the greatest travelers of all time, and is well known for the account of his travels and excursions. Abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta was a moroccan muslim scholar and traveler. His great work describes the people, places, and cultures he encountered in his journeys along some 75,000 miles 120,000 km across and beyond the islamic world. Ibn battuta was an islamic scholar and traveler who crossed throughout the dar alislam islamic world, seeing how islam has spread and adapted to different civilizations. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous and next page. Ibn juzayy added poetry here and there, but generally he kept to ibn battuta s telling.

Ibn batuta 469,al farghani,al battani,al biruni,al masudi,al idrisi,al hamawi,al razirhazes,al khwarizmi the form of the earth, muhammad ibn yousuf al warraq, ibn jubair etc were names appeared in geography and cartography during the go. The travel narratives of ibn jubayr and ibn battuta are perceived as. The following day the sultan demanded a list of friends of the holy man, and ibn battuta s name was included. The travels is a medieval book which recounts the journey of the. The travels of ibn battuta are the inspiration for this travel blog, in which the author seeks to follow the example set by historys. He was known for his traveling and undertaking excursions called the rihla.

Moroccan traveler ibn battuta allegedly spent nearly 30 years wandering some. His family was of berber origin and had a tradition of service as judges. Read book safar nama ibn e batuta ajaibulasfar by ibn e battuta on rekhta urdu books library. Ibn battuta in his report places geographical account of some important places and rivers. He is known for the account of his journeys called the rihla voyage. Life and travels of ibn battuta, world explorer and writer. Ibn battuta recounted tales of his travels throughout his voyage and when he returned home, but it was not until his association with ibn jazayy that the stories were committed to formal writing. Why moroccan scholar ibn battuta is the greatest explorer of all time. Check price, photos, menu for best restaurants in dubai. The journey of ibn battuta, 2554 by james rumford unknown published in 2001 isbn10. He also explored west africa, southern and eastern europe, south. Not much is known about his personal life since the only source of information about ibn battuta is his book rihla and according to the book, battuta got married to the royal family in maldives when he was working there as a judge.

Ibn battuta birthday, real name, age, weight, height. Introduction abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta, better known by his surname ibn battuta, was a great medieval traveler and explorer. The author of the book tafseer ibn e kaseer urdu pdf is imam hafiz ibn kaseer. But unlike polo, ibn battuta traveled mostly to and within muslim regions. Drawing upon ibn battuta s travel narrative for the insights it offers, provide a brief description of the people and their customs in the kingdom of mali. Ibn battuta has 46 books on goodreads with 8512 ratings. World traveler ibn battuta biography nonfiction, 788 words, level p grade 2, lexile 840l multilevel book also available in levels s and v many people have heard of marco polo, but far fewer people have heard of ibn battuta, the greatest traveler of the middle ages. Discover dubai from a modern, stylish hq with easy access to all the hotspots. The book was dictated to ibn juzayy on orders from the marinid sultan abu inan faris who was impressed by the story and travels of ibn battuta.

This book is not the diary of ibn battuta as he traveled through out north africa, the middle east and asia. Abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta, was born in tangier, morocco, on the 24th of february 4 c. The travels is a medieval book which recounts the journey of the 14thcentury moroccan scholar and traveler ibn battuta. Scholar douglas bullis notes that rihla is not the books title, but genre the. Battuta took notes during the journey but admitted that he lost some of them along the way. Ross dunn here recounts the great travelers remarkable career, interpreting it within the cultural and social context of islamic society and giving the reader both a biography of an extraordinary personality and a study of the hemispheric dimensions of human interchange in medieval times. This is a list of places visited by ibn battuta in the years 2553 the moroccan traveller ibn battuta set out from his native town of tangiers on a pilgrimage to mecca in june 25, when he was 21 years old. See all books authored by ibn battuta, including ibn batutta in black africa, and amazing adventures of ibn battuta, and more on. Ibn battutas most popular book is the travels of ibn battutah. He was born on february 25, 4 in medieval era in islamic family. Allama imam abu al fida imad ud din ibn e kathir or kaseer was a great islamic scholar and historian.

Ibn battuta actually wrote his name in his native arabic. In the 14th century, the moroccan wanderer ibn battuta spent nearly 30 years traveling some 75,000 miles across africa, the middle east, india and southeast asia. To fill in gaps in ibn battuta s descriptions, ibn juzayy borrowed descriptions of mecca, medina and damascus from a twelfth century traveler named ibn jubayr, and perhaps descriptions of other places from other travelers, too. Of all medieval travel writers, including marco polo, only ibn battuta penetrated deep into black africa and provided unique documentation as well as a highly personal report of private lives and morals, religion and scholarship, and trade and government in east and west africa. His first landfall in africa was the city of zaila, four days journey from aden the. History of mogadishu the long journey ibn battuta to mogadishu in the spring of 31, ibn battuta traveled south along the east african coast from aden to mogadishu, mombasa and kilwa. Ibn battuta, more formally abu abd allah muhammad ibn abd allah allawati altangi ibn batutah, was a 14th century legal scholar from tangier, morocco, and the foremost traveler of his day. Ibn battuta started on his travels in 25, when he was 20 years old. Discuss the occasions on which ibn battuta demonstrates disapproval of or contempt for the practices and institutions he observes in subsaharan africa. Tafseer ibn e kaseer urdu by imam ibne kaseer pdf the. He is considered the most prominent scholar of the quran and hadith in all. Best restaurants in ibn battuta mall, jebel ali village, dubai. Ibn battuta books list of books by author ibn battuta.

Explore the town, hit the shops or chill on the roof of one the most sought after 4 star hotels in dubai. Abdalla ibn battuta 454 has been celebrated as one of the greatest travelers of premodern times. This magnum opus was preserved by a young scribe who, at the request of moroccos sultan, spent many months transcribing ibn battutas story, ultimately compiling alrihla or the travels. He is often compared to marco polo, who died a year before ibn battuta left home. Ibn battuta biography, facts and pictures famous scientists. Ibn battuta, more formally abu abd allah muhammad ibn abd allah allawati altangi ibn batutah, was a 14th century legal scholar from. Ibn battuta s most popular book is the travels of ibn battutah. For nine days he remained under guard imaging in horror that he would be executed, too. Ibn battuta s travels in asia and africa, 2554 in 54 the caliph of morocco commissioned a royal scribe to take down ibn battuta s account of his twentynine years of travels. Abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta, better known simply as ibn battuta 4circa 77 ad was a berber muslim scholar and traveler, who was born in tangier, morocco. Ibn battuta, medieval muslim traveler and author of one of the most famous travel books, the rihlah. The 20 best restaurants in ibn battuta mall, jebel ali.

Ibn battuta biography childhood, life achievements. In 50, battuta visited alandalus and then between 5253 he. Safar nama ibnebatuta ajaibulasfar by ibn e battuta. He travelled for nearly 30 years and covered most of the islamic world. Who was ibn ebattuta, and why did he travel so widely.

The full name of the book is tuhfatunnuzzar fi gharaibilamsar wa ajaibilasfar an excellent book on visit through the wonders of cities and the marvels of travels. He belonged to shafi school of thought in ahlesunnat. Scholar douglas bullis notes that rihla is not the books title, but genre. Books by ibn battuta author of the travels of ibn battutah. The two most wellknown travelers of the late th and early 14th centuries are ibn e battuta and marco polo. Ibn battuta has 46 books on goodreads with 8444 ratings. The full title of the book of his journeys is tuhfat alanzar fi gharaaib alamsar wa ajaaib alasfar a gift to those who contemplate the wonders of. Although ibn battuta full name being abu abdullah muhammad ibn battuta alias shams ad din was born centuries before tennessee williams made this remark, it seems his life was guided by the same principle. Barbecue delights, ibn battuta mall, jebel ali village. On completing his first hajj he continued travelling, only returning to morocco twenty four years later in 49.

The adventures of ibn battuta and over 8 million other books are available for. This book is dedicated to all the people of the world that have interests in the life of ibn battuta and his voyages. The significance of his travels have changed different parts of the world very dearly. He was born in 4 and lived for around 64 years most of which was the time he spent away from his land morocco. Rather it is excerpts from his written memoir with descriptions of the the political and social situation in the places and time that he traveled. We know you are here for ibn e insha novels and ibn e insha books, but before sharing novels, we decided to take a look at his personality.

While on pilgrimage to mecca in his early 20s, he took it into his. Ibn battutas memoir on tughlaq dynasty the full name of ibn battuta was muhammad ibn battuta a moroccan muslim voyage. Illustration by leon benett from book by jules verne, 1878. Ibn e battuta iban battutah ibn battutah travels to spain ibn e battuta ibn e battuta was a great explorer of all the times. D in the town of tangier, morocco, little is known about the early life of ibn battuta. Furthermore, ibn battuta s description and marco polos writings share extremely similar sections and themes, with some of the same commentary, e.

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