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Includes south coast radio jingles, tony allan news report, x rated jingles, music leader promos. Offshore radio museum is a virtual museum, housed in an imaginary former dockside warehouse, dedicated to recording and preserving the history of offshore radio. Standby for the greatest site on the web devoted to pirate radio jingles of the 1960s. Pirate radio stations british 1960s internet archive. These jingles were donated by david baker, who begins this interview by describing his time at radio city. A selection of pirate radio station jingles from the 60s and 70s. The first 3 jingles after the are you sitting comforatbly bit are jingles i have produced for the radio northsea. Click on the titles on the left of the main page to go to each section. Pirate fm love cornwall, love music, love pirate fm. The motion picture entitled the boat that rocked in the u. Pams jingles are world renowned, and first gold radio rekindled those heady days of the mid 60s, with a mix of great tunes, and personality jocks. Price new from used from audio cd, import, february 19, 1993 please retry.

Radio leinster was one of the easy listening and talkbased stations serving dublin in the 1980s. Please take a look at the other pages on the pirate memories website. Pirate memories was created in 1999 to bring to the publics attention, a film that was originally shot in 1966. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

A jingle is something every video, radio, tv broadcast studio and musician is at some point looking for. The pirate s cove contains airchecks from various offshore stations from. Radio dublin was irelands longest running pirate radio station. Pirate radio became known as such, not because it was broadcast by scurrilous hookhanded knaves and wenches in pirate costumes, but because it was broadcast from disused sea forts and offshore radio ships situated in what were perceived by the governments of the time as illegal locations. Here you will find some interesting off air clips of offshore pirate radio stations of the 1960s. Radio nova dublin, don stevens and bob gallico, full music and jingles from 1984. In this jingle package from the early 1980s, the legendary tony allan announces 257m.

Jingles campaign for independent broadcastingcampaign. The film was taken on the 60s pirate radio ship the galaxy, and featured daily life on board radio. Laser 558, the last fun radio station englands england. Heard by millions of listeners around the world every day. Pirate radio jingles from the 1960s and 70s duration. Standby for the greatest site on the web devoted to pirate radio jingles of the 1960s to download the best known radio caroline jingle click here the very rare stuff is at the foot of the pageo. It immediately seemed like it had the energy and enthusiasm of the pirate radio of the 1960s. Stream 2017 jingle radio caroline 6 4 8 mediumwave this is caroline by pirate radio jingles from desktop or your mobile device. Irish pirate radio audio archive open free radio archive. Roaring 60s we love the pirate stations radio big noise, london, and various productions. This jingle package includes several references to 225 metres which corresponds to 32 khz, another frequency used for a. It is highly important to use an individual jingle in advertising, tv series or commercial to make sure people recognize your company, product or service from the very first second. After 2 successful packages pirate fm returned to wisebuddah for their 2015 refresh the challenge was to take pirate fm from soft ac to a hotter ac station and a resing of wisebuddahs sky radio 2014 package was the solution.

During the late 1960s, i used to listen to the pirate radio station radio caroline and they often broadcast image, and it became very much associated with the station. Jingles, imaging, sonic logos, song intros and more, updated every month. If your copy is chosen by us, we will send your produced version for free. Constantly updated production shells, song intros, music beds, sound design and a vast array audio workparts available in 11 different formats. On 3rd march 1968, both radio caroline ships mi amigo and caroline, were seized and towed to amsterdam by the wijsmuller salvage company to secure unpaid servicing bills. We have got free jingles for radio stations, djs, podcasters and even more creative audio projects. Pirate radio jingles from the 1960s and 70s schepen. Download our existing catalog of free radio imaging templates below. Eri eastside radio ireland became corks biggest pirate in the late 1980s. Radio caroline 648 jingles by pirate radio jingles. In addition ive added some of the jingles continue reading. Stream 2019 promo channel292 promo airtime rent by pirate radio jingles from desktop or your mobile device.

Intro and jingle music is a lino rise media project. Short music tracks to introduce your podcast, video or radio show and to give an atmosphere to your audiovisual creation. The first of them was radio caroline, which started transmissions at easter 1964, soon to be followed by a dozen or so more stations. It played a far smaller variety of songs, but all fitted with each other and had the same atmosphere about. These are direct downloads this time and not via rapidshare. We play only the best of the 60s and 70s all day every day. Radio airchecks and jingles 1960\s2003 download torrent. But the jingles were classic americana, and certainly fuelled my interest in us radio, helping me to understand, by comparison with radio london, how jingles can be resung, relyricked, and the concept of variable melody line id logos added, over prerecorded music beds, as perfected by pams of dallas. Pirate radio jingless stream on soundcloud hear the worlds. The sound quality isnt great as the recording is from am 738 khz but it gives a flavour of the station in its heyday. Beginning in the village of ballycotton east of cork city in 1982, it broadcast on 5 khz and 102 fm. To download the best known radio caroline jingle click here.

Download our free imaging effects and dj jingles fx for radio sweepers, dj radio station jingles free and production elements available from air media get our free imaging sfx and elements. A pirate radio patchwork quilt 125 pirate radio themes. Standby for the greatest site on the web devoted to pirate radio jingles of the 1960s to download the best known radio caroline jingle click. Stream 2019 jingle rwi special tnx for support by pirate radio jingles from desktop or your mobile device. Added another 700 meg of radio caroline sw from the ross revenge in 1988. It was an enormous surprise to me, just days after we began broadcasting with our swinging radio england jingles, to hear the same jingles on radio london with big l spliced over our name. From then on i understood that there were no rules out there in the english channel, though for the most part i believe such tactics were generally. Come back in time with us to an era when pirate radio ruled the uk airways. These stations broadcast from ships and old ww2 forts around the cost of the british isles. New updated central radio jingles added by dickie dangler. Pirate radio jingles from the 1960s and 70s youtube. Given the subject matter of richard curtis film pirate radio, the soundtrack had to filled with absolutely classic rock, pop, and soul. Before the arrival of offshore radio state systems usually confined their id announcement to a formal statement, often just before a. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Here is a selection of jingles, promos and idents from radio leinster in 1983. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. This is your place to download free radio jingles to use on your radio station, internet radio or hobby station. I didnt know what it was called back then or who was responsible for it. Coolam radio productions jinglespromos by pirate radio. Download radio airchecks and jingles 1960\s2003 torrent or any other torrent from audio music direct download via magnet link. Pams famous radio jingles of the 1960s famous radio jingles of the 1960s radio was the use of jingles and frequent station identity id announcements. Free central radio jingles updated may 2014 click below to download our free central radio jingles zipped all jingles are zipped up so you will need to unpack them after dowloading. The boat that rocked radio stations television program. Grab the pirate fm app for the latest news, weather and travel for the duchy.

This audio clip includes many of the theme tunes popularised by the offshore pirate radio stations of the 60s and 70s with the accent on radios 270, caroline, london, scotland and veronica. Pirate radio jingles 70s import various artists artist format. This picture measures 16cm x cm, comes in a card sleeve, and will be mailed to you in a hard backed envelope. The label has released many pirate radio archives ever since. Soundcloud 2017 jingle radio caroline 6 4 8 mediumwave this is caroline by pirate radio. Coolam radio productions the netherlands for jingles and promos. Radio city went on the air in late 1979 and broadcast from capel street in dublin on 1145, 1161 and 1165 khz. Radio caroline and radio atlanta joined forces in july 1964, and the fredericia set off to the isle of man to broadcast as radio caroline north, leaving the mi amigo broadcasting as radio caroline south in the thames estuary. An eight minute pamsstyle soundfest lifted from this 70s jumbo ep. The station was originally called countysound radio.

The overall sound of the station was unashamedly 60s pirate based, most notably using many of the jingles made famous by radio london. Jingles, jingles,jingles from all the pirate station of. The most powerful and memorable way to sonically brand your station. Welcome to central radio pirate radio for merseyside. Some are large files are around 300 meg, so make sure you have a. Radio imaging effects download free dj jingles imaging fx. It broadcast from 1966 until 2003 and was at its peak in the early to mid 1980s on 253m1188khz and 6910 khz shortwave. Pirate radio became known as such, not because it was broadcast by scurrilous.

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