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Goenji shuya axel blaze forward gouenji is the quiet, collected ace striker of the team with spikey hair and a cool disposition. Axel blaze forward he has white hair and zigzagging eyebrows. Axel blazegouenji shuuya nathan swiftkazemaru ichirouta songgo by mcclain sisters. He later joined inazuma eleven to defeat aliea academy and then inazuma japan. The franchise began with the release of inazuma eleven in 2008, with the game series selling over eight million copies worldwide by 2016. With their future unknown, the eleven of them set off into the foreboding city to chase their dreams. The manga series won the 2010 kodansha manga award and 2011 shogakukan manga award in the childrens. Everyone was standing in a circle except for me and axel. Inazuma eleven, inazuma irebun, lightning eleven is a association footballthemed media franchise created by level5. Axel blaze is one of the main characters in the inazuma eleven game, manga and anime. He was leaning against a tree, an emotionless expression on his face. Very first look of axel blaze in enazuma eleven naveen rangari.

Chrono stone anime to premiere on april 18 mar 12, 2012 you can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register japanese staff. But in later episodes he is showing his real skill. List of inazuma eleven episodes inazuma eleven is a japanese anime television series that was aired from 2008 to 2011 and is. The inazuma caravan finally comes home to recharge their batteries and. His little sister, yuka, was unfortunately in a car accident while on the way to his big match and was hospitalized soon after.

At his previous junior high, gouenji was the top soccer player of his club and took place in the football frontier. The animated series, inazuma eleven was produced by and directed by all episodes were originally. Okay so i just rewatched inazuma eleven and it refreshed my memories a lot xd but after reading through stuff i found out that gouenji shuuyaa my favorite ace striker from inazuma eleven has turned evil. When kidou and haruna were young, they lost their parents in a. A talented game maker, his skills and his strategies are unbeatable. Axel offered me a small smile and i could feel his desire to laugh burn inside of me, but the sadness because of his father was far too big for him to laugh. Our boys are in trouble, but help comes from an unlikely hero. Lightning eleven is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by tenya yabuno based on a series of video games created by level5. Originally from kidokawa seishu junior high, gouenji transferred to raimon junior high. Rajesh kava born 18 march 1979 is an indian voice actor, fluent in hindi and english he is best known for being the third hindi dubover voice artist for daniel radcliffes role as harry potter, in the last three harry potter films, after it was passed on from ami trivedis brother, karan trivedi he is the voice of jaggu, a monkey from the series chhota bheem. In season 2, he is the coach for shin teikoku gakuen.

Introduced in the first game as a transfer student from kidokawa seishuu, he soon joined the raimon soccer club. I have absolutely no clue can anyone help me to why he turned evil. Part of the inazuma eleven franchise, the series is based on the upcoming inazuma eleven. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for fans of inazuma eleven. When he was young, he was a member of the inazuma eleven. Inazuma eleven ost burning phase special looped once duration. Contentsshow summary the story begins following the competition of the holy road soccer tournament. Now inazuma national should discover who those little giants really are or why nelly raimon is helping them. It follows the story of mamoru endou or mark evans, if you dont like japanese names, the spirited goalkeeper of raimon junior highs nearlydisbanded football team consisting of only seven members. According to kogyo tsushinsha, the first film, inazuma eleven saikyo gundan oga shurai, debuted in second place at the japanese box office for the weekend of december 25 and 26, 2010. Mostly when he was part of teikoku, due to being part of the strongest soccer team in japan that was the champion for 40 years and continued the teams win streak until raimon defeated them. The renowned flame striker, axel blaze, leads kirkwood players with great. He is the ace striker and voice of reason of the team. After inazuma nationals semifinals, it is time to play paolos team.

His sister, yuka was in a coma because of kageyamas interference to stop him from play against teikoku academy. After leaving for a period of time during inazuma eleven 2. The inazuma eleven wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to the inazuma eleven universe. Gouenji shuuya axel blaze love you like a love song.

Inazuma eleven clip axel blaze returns this clip shows the return of axel blaze who was removed from the team for his own goodenjoy. The world of soccer has been taken over by the elite football federation. Renowned flame striker, axel blaze, leads kirkwood players with great teamwork. Inazuma eleven is a roleplaying sports video game for the nintendo ds developed and published by level5. The episode starts with the score shown to be 01, in favor of gassan kunimitsu as well as kariya returning to his post to which kirino remembered what kariya.

The manga series won the 2010 kodansha manga award and 2011 shogakukan manga award in the childrens manga. Ares, inazuma irebun aresu no tenbin is a 2018 japanese television anime television series produced by olm. Axel blaze forward he is the ace striker and voice of reason of the team. The victory for the raimon proves to be very short lived, as only a few minutes after their win, the sky falls in. Inazuma eleven won best childrens manga at the 34th annual kodansha manga awards. Hillman has gathered our heroes at the raimon junior high along with some new and old members. Inazuma eleven ares poster inazuma eleven ares 2018. In the second season however, she had awoken, but was taken hostage by aliea gakuen to stop shuuya from. He is a one man army and completely plays for his team. But all is not well on the team, the tough training has proved to be too much for one member in particular. V we were back in the park waiting outside the inazuma bus for mark to come out.

But a friend of mine said to me that there were new episodes on youtube and i couldnt help it but to watch them. A european release was confirmed by nintendo and was released on january 29, 2011, three years after the japanese release. He is considered to be the best striker in the world. Although endou inherits his deceased grandfathers goalkeeping skills and love for soccer, his. She had been in a coma throughout the whole of the first season on inazuma eleven, due to a setup by kageyama reiji. Things heat up as polestar academy goes against kirkwood junior high. Fubuki shirou is one of the main protagonists of the original inazuma eleven series. Inazuma eleven is the hit footballsoccer rpg video game then anime then manga series from level5. He is known as flame striker for his famous killer move, fire tornado. But wait these geeky guys arent as weak as everybody thinks.

With the threat of their clubs disbandment on the horizon, a boy named sonny and his team of underdogs desperately look for a way to continue their lifes passion on their small remote island. The game against the fire dragons takes four whole episodes and writing this honestly makes me so tired and i feel like im. One day, a young man named axel blaze moves into the neighborhood and decides to create his own soccer team by finding an recruiting new members. Part of the inazuma eleven franchise, the series is based on the upcoming inazuma eleven ares roleplaying video game of the same name. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Orpheus seems to be the favorite but their rivals overwhelm them. But axel blaze makes a hard choice and leaves the team due to secret meeting with alias academy regarding. Cover of inazuma eleven first volume as published by shogakukan in japan on september 26, 2008. Axel blaze, gouenji shuuya, is the ace striker in the raimon eleven team. Kyoui no shinryakusha, he initially played as both a defender and forward, but later played as forward throughout inazuma eleven 3. It was explained by otonashi haruna that fifth sector decides the scores in each gamematch and notifies each school via a score order whether they win.

Axel blaze is injured and out of raimons next game, but their opponents are the weakest team in the whole tournament, so winning shouldnt be a problem. Nathan swift also known as ichirouta kazemaru is one of the main characters in the inazuma eleven game, manga, and anime. The manga has been published by shogakukan in corocoro comic since the june 2008 issue. Very first look of axel blaze in enazuma eleven youtube. Shirou used to play alongside atsuya in the junior team. Great road of heroes roleplaying video game of the same name.

Later though, in the ffi arc, he returns to america to join his team. The older twin would steal the ball, while the younger twin would score the goal. Inazuma eleven episode 2 22 in hindi teikoku is here. Gouenji shuuyaaxel blaze masayume chasing duration. I saw sitting next to him, playing nervously with my hair. Members will have to compete to secure their positions on the inazuma national team. Inazuma eleven go chrono stone inazuma eleven wiki fandom. Watch inazuma eleven online full episodes of season 3 to. Inazuma eleven tv episode titles anime news network.

They find out that everybodys been training to help them, including some old enemies. Inazuma eleven go chrono stone, is the next seriessequel after the inazuma eleven go anime that takes after the event of the holy road tournament. Axel blaze is injured and out of raimons next game, but their opponents are the weakest team in the whole tournament, so winning. He joins the raimon eleven in episode 33 to defeat alias academy. His individual hissatsu moves are tiger drive and gladius arch. Later, he is the captain and main goalkeeper of inazuma japan.

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