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Installation on solaris 10 with oracle 10 moodledocs. Create state database replicas on one or more local devices for each cluster node. How to quickly install the solaris 10 os on x86 systems. The post describes the meaning of the fields displayed in the metadb i. Creating and mount filesystems sparc 10 606 user name. In oracle solaris 11, you can able to create the virtual nics and virtual switches. How can i create a metadb if i want to create svm volumes. These disks are powerpath devices and the only thing diferenciating them are the controllers. What would be a simple way to create full machine image of a physical solaris 10 box suitable for an easy baremetal restore on the same machine.

Downloads tab server and storage system solaris solaris 10 2. Find answers to how to create user and groups in solaris 10 in gui mode from the expert community at experts exchange. Use groupadd command to add create a new group definition on the system. Is there any other alternative solution for creating metadb.

Home solaris 1011 volume manager how to solaris svm metaset. There is no direct upgrade path from solaris 10, and solaris 10 is nearing its end. From the oracle installation guide it is not clear which kernel parameters are supposed to use the new solaris 10 resource control facility, and those which are to use the the etcsystem file. To create 3 replicas on c0t0d0s7 f required only if you are creating metadb for the first.

Solaris, unlike some other operating systems, does not ship with a method for creating bootable recovery media. So i want to mount u0 directory on the disk volume devdskc2t0d0s2 1 i have created u0. Create a loopback mount of an nfs share and use cashefs to mount this. Solaris 10 wanboot installation or solaris 10 installation. This stepbystep guide, complete with screen shots, takes users through the installation process, in 22 simple steps.

Configuring solaris volume manager software oracle docs. We set up 2 parallel moodle installations on one and a database on a separate server. Metadb needs a dedicated disk slice so create partitions of about 5 meg. Disk partition information, from the prtvtoc command sparc systems or the. Having metadb on two disks can create problems as disksuite looks for database replica number 50% of total replicas and if one of the two disks crashes the replica falls. The post describes the meaning of the fields displayed in the metadb i command. Use groupmod command to modify a group definition on the system. I am new to solaris and having problem with svm to create mirroring on m4000 server with solaris 10. You need metadbs before you can create a metadevice such as a mirror. After creating the slice for metadb replicas, copy the vtoc of the primary disk to the.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. To create state database replicas, use one of the following methods. Both installations share the same oracle database, but use a different tablespace. Delete unavailable replicas by using the metadb command. Check prerequisites for creating solaris volume manager elements and background information for creating raid 1 volumes create two stripes or concatenations, which will be the submirrors. Refer the post svm root encapsulation and mirroring sparc for more. The server and software company begins offering solaris 10 as a free download for those who register. Noone can help if you will not tell us more about the problem. When i enter below command to create meta db getting the following.

If one disk fails, we still have the prerequisite 50% of dbs to make sure the system is usable. Were in the process of upgrading solaris from v10 508 to v10 910. Hi admins, we had faced an issue on one server earlier. Hi solaris 10 experts, how can i create an iso image of a cddvd from the cdrom dvd drive to a temporary directory, and then use that image to burn it on a blank dvd in the cdrom dvd drive in the unix and linux forums. Solaris 10 1 patchset released and latest solaris 10. If you installed solaris 9 or solaris 10 software, solaris volume manager is. See the metadb1m man page and your solaris volume manager documentation for. The latest update of the solaris os helps customers alleviate common enterprise problems such as virtualization, resource management, and system performance.

Check the notes and hints at the end of this section for solaris specific notes that you may need before or. Configure link aggregations oracle solaris 10 the example in this procedure aggregates sample interfaces igb0, igb1, igb2, and igb3. All replicas that are located on the same slice must be created at the same time. In cases where the user has used the metadb command to manually remove or add replicas, this command can be used to. Novice users should be able to complete a solaris 10 operating system installation on a standalone x86 system using the instructions in. To create additional replicas, use the metadb a command, followed by the name of the new slices where the replicas will reside.

Hello all, im rather new to solaris, so pardon me if this is a simple question. Gerry haskins director security and release management. Ten ways to easily improve oracle solaris zfs file. My system runs on windows xp, service pack 2 i downloaded 5 zip files from the site.

The other option is to create a default project for the oracle user. Solaris 10 1 patchset released and latest solaris 10 kernel patchids. Download paket sunwexplo di website sun atau bisa juga diinstall dari dvd solaris nya. To create and work with a disk set in a multinode environment, root must be a member of group 14 on all hosts, or the. Hi everyone, im hoping someone can help me out here. Solaris delivers builtin investment protection and new technologies that are even better suited to data intensive environments. Create replicas and follow the onscreen instructions. Configure link aggregations oracle solaris 10 sun quad. From the enhanced storage tool within the solaris management console, open the state database replicas node. I signed up for that, but now i need an oracle support identifier.

Then create seven more replicas just using the a option to the metadb command. Installing and configuring solstice disksuite or solaris volume. This method is helpful for that systems where is not possible to use install server in the same ethernet network segment as client location and also not possible to place boot server too. Solaris 10 305 dvd assembly instructions, multilanguage st, 798 bytes download now. Creating a raid 1 volume how to create a raid 1 volume from unused slices. Hi, i want to create a metadb but my root filesystem is on zfs which uses whole. The companion cd files install in subdirectories of the optsfw file system rather than in usrlocal. Solaris zfs command line reference cheat sheet solaris 11. If there is no space available for metadb then it can be taken from swap. For example, devrdskc0d0p0 on x86 or devrdskc0t5d0s2 on sparc. Short guide to install oracle 10 on sun solaris 10. After i apply a label on the powerpath devices, i create a new solaris volume manager metadevice with metainit. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Tip any time you update your solaris volume manager configuration, or make other storage or.

The following procedure is one that ive been able to devise after searching for more help on the matter. How to create a solaris flash archive flar solaris. I want to install oracle rac on solaris 10, using asm but i am new in it. Use the type of media supported by your dvd burner. Im just starting to use solaris, being the majority of the course i am in. In documenting this process, i will first show you how to create a bootable recovery disk. Hello friends, i need to test some of the solaris 10 concepts and veritas volume manager. This how to guide instructs users unfamiliar with solaris 10 installation on how to install the solaris 10 os on a sun supported x86 system. For information on installing using the native solaris pkg format, see section 2. The metadb commands create the state database replicas. Solaris volume manager svm command line reference cheat sheet by admin.

How to make mount point in solaris 10installing oracle rac. Oracle solaris 10 features operating system oracle. Creating a svm metadevice and an ufs filesystem setaoffice. Oracle solaris 10 installation on vmware workstation youtube.

Go to mirroring the root disk or creating disk sets in a cluster to continue to configure. How to create metadb with zpool in solaris 11 unix and linux. Solaris 10 update 807 has been released and available for download. One path comes from c3 and the other one comes from c4. Disk replacement, maintenance, operational activity, sds, solaris sun operating system disk replacement procedure even though it seems to be a easy task to replace the os disk there are often issues on the correct. Creating state database replicas solaris volume manager. The zpools for luns are currently at version 10, and i understand solaris v10 910 has support for. Hi, i want to create a metadb but my root filesystem is on zfs which uses whole disk and i have no additional local disk available to create a 50mb slice for metadb. It is ideal to create 3 of them on each disk in case you are mirroring the root disk. The machine has one ufs system drive and one zfs data storage drive. Oracle solaris 10 x86 os disk mirroring utilizing svm sunguru it channel 01. How to create logical volumes on solaris novell cool solutions. Harshwardhan pradhan explains how to create a logical volume including two or more hard disks.

Adblock detected my website is made possible by displaying online advertisements continue reading solaris adding group. Make sure you select the option in your dvd creation software to create a dvd from an iso image. See the metadb1m man page and your solstice disksuite or solaris. Solaris volume manager svm command line reference cheat. Arbitrary key numbers 1 and 2 are used for each aggregation. Oracle solaris 10 x86 os disk mirroring utilizing svm. Hello group, im a newbie trying to manage his first install of solaris 10.

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